Cooke's-Portsmouth United Church

 The current home of Cooke's - Portsmouth United Church on Norman Rogers Drive was dedicated on April 9, 1967.

The new church resulted from the amalgamation of two historic Kingston congregations in 1964: Cooke's United Church and Portsmouth United Church. Both of these congregations originated in the middle of the 19th century. 

Cooke's United Church - established in 1846

 Cooke's Presbyterian Church was erected in 1846 as a limestone structure on Brock Street, just west of Montreal Street in downtown Kingston.  It became Cooke's United Church at the time of union in 1925. The building was torn down and on its former site is the Chown Memorial Parking Garage opposite Hôtel Dieu Hospital.

The original cornerstone from Cooke's Presbyterian Church was incorporated into the foundation of Cooke's - Portsmouth United Church.

Portsmouth United Church - established in 1855

 Portsmouth Methodist Church was erected in 1855 in the Village of Portsmouth up the hill from and west of what is now Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Early in the 20th century, Portsmouth Methodist Church developed strong linkages with a Presbyterian mission in the Village of Portsmouth and became Portsmouth United Church at the time of union in 1925.

The Portsmouth United Church was sold in 1965 and still stands as a privately owned building on King Street West. 

Ordained Ministers at Cooke's - Portsmouth United Church since amalgamation

 March 2013  -  Reverend Nadene Grieve-Deslippe
2009 to 2013  -  Reverend Peter Bartlett
1989 to 2008  -  Reverend Terry R. Deline
1982 to 1988  -  Reverend I. Johnston
1976 to 1981  -  Reverend F. J. Burn
1964 to 1976  -  Reverend S. A. R. Delve