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Phone:  613-542-4545


Voice mail and email will be reviewed Monday, Wednesday and Friday 

Rev. Dr. Nadene Grieve



Office:  613-542-3642


Sunday mornings at 1030

Choir Gowns

Cooke's- Portmouth United Church has retired choir gowns for the taking at NO CHARGE.

 There are 35 white for children/youth and 31 burgundy for adults.

 If interested, please contact the Church office by phone at 613-542-4545 or by email

Monthly Food Bank

Food donations to support our local Food Bank can be brought to the church on any Sunday during the month and put in either of the two collection boxes in the front lobby. 

While you are welcome to bring any type of non-perishable food item(s) you wish, we are selecting one particular variety of food each month. For May we have set a goal of 150 items of canned soup, tomatoes, vegetables, fruit, juice, or drink boxes to be collected by Sunday, May 27. 

Please join us in this worthwhile project by donating as you are able.

Church Dinner, WEDNESDAY JUNE 27

Beef and Strawberry dinner .

Time:    5:00 -6:30pm

Tickets:  $18 per person, 

Ages  5-12 yrs $5, 

under 5 free

Rental Enquiries

Please email request including date, time, group/purpose of rental, and any details to

Bay of Quinte Conference